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I am introducing Kirtan Aradhna Internet Radio. I hope you will like it and you will listen in your leisure time. Listen to Kirtan Aradhna for free. It is an Internet Radio 24x7 from everywhere. God is with you when you listen to bhajan-kirtan. It is one of the best ways to concentrate, meditation and communicate with God. It is a Seva to Bhagwan.


Navadha Bhakti – Nine types of bhakti
1. Shravanam Bhakti – A devotee listens to the divine names and qualities of God.
2. Kirtanam Bhakti – A devotee sings bhajans-kirtans about the names, deeds and other divine qualities of God.
3. Smaranam Bhakti - A devotee constantly remembers and meditates on the names and leelas of God.
4. Paad-Sevan Bhakti – A devotee does seva of God’s divine feet.
5. Archanam Bhakti – A devotee performs seva of an idol of God.
6. Vandnam Bhakti – A devotee prostrate before God.
7. Dassyam Bhakti –A devotee becomes a volunteer servant in the service of God and dedicates all his actions to Him.
8. Shakhay Bhakti – A devotee worships God in the form of a friend cultivates his friendship.
9. Atma-Nivedan Bhakti – A devotee dedicates all his body and material possessions to God.

 So we have decided to do Kirtanam Bhakti which is God’s favourite type of bhakti. Let’s be together and listen at least half an hour to bhajan-kirtans on Kirtan Aradhna and fulfil seva to Bhagwan. You can also follow and 'Like' us on www.facebook.com/kirtanaradhna 

Your daily dose of Bhajans.